3 Things I Learned from Pastor Bob Nichols

23 Jul

When you sit under someone’s teaching for more than two decades you have heard more than you can recall but some things are branded into your heart.  Some things become yours on a “cellular” level once you hear them repeated for so long.  The many things Pastor has taught me have become mine at the deepest level.  After the revival of ’93 I had the privileged to take a team to a church in Roswell, New Mexico to help them experience the refreshing as we had.  Pastor Nichols gave me these three guidelines to help me.

  1. It’s a flow not a force
  2. Don’t be afraid to do the silly to reap the supernatural.  (Obey the Holy Spirit no matter what it looks like.)
  3. Go nothing doubting

I have applied these keys to many situations. A principle can be applied in many different situations. These guidelines will work in the home, in business, in school and many other areas of life. We have to flow with the Spirit and not force things to make them happen. Not that we don’t have to work, but there is a difference when you move with the flow of the Spirit. When we move with the Spirit we move with His power and His peace. We are pressing in but not stressing in! We have to be ready to do whatever the Spirit bids us to do. It doesn’t matter how silly it looks or what anyone else thinks about it, we simply need to obey the Spirit. When we do we will reap the supernatural. When we know what He wants us to do we need to go all out. We need to go nothing doubting. When He says go we go all out. We are not holding back just in case we might be missing it – we go nothing doubting. As I’ve applied these three things I have seen God do great things. I trust that you will apply these keys to every area of your life. As you do I believe that you will “reap the supernatural!”

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